Digital Resource Marketing
At Digital Resource Marketing, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our team of engineers and programmers work together to create innovative solutions that meet your unique needs from mobile to back office systems.
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Performance Driven
We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and staying within budget, which is why we have a dedicated team of project managers who work tirelessly to ensure your project is a success.
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Building Relationships
Our team of engineers and programmers are always looking for new and innovative ways to solve problems and create solutions. We believe that technology can change the world, and we're excited to be a part of that change.
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Why Choose Us ?


DRM is a developer and digital marketing agency creating human-based experiences.  We develop and pursue understanding of your digital footprint then connect that to the world.  Specializing in programming and development services to meet your current goals and helping to expand market opportunities.

We can enhance your digital asset to create new opportunities

Deep understanding is critical to success so we spend time face to face. In team meetings we challenge the idea and the approach, this step is a key to getting to know one another and growing into a collaborative partnership.

Finding value and delivering results

Engaging stake holders in our discussions then testing to find the best outcome provides valuable iterative insight and paths to a better outcome.

how does this work

We employ a process.


We start with whiteboards sketching out ideas and letting them spread throughout our team. Everyone is welcome to participate and ideaate on the project. Consider this the one step at a time methodology. As the team creates and presents ideas they are communicated to your team and a plan is created. This part of the process takes two weeks and ends in a wire-frame we agree on.
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Once we have a plan we enlist our developer team to start on the creation or modification of your software.

Development can take weeks or months at times even years. The work is done when we have delivered on the promise we have made.

Once we have a working beta version we begin interacting regularly with your team to get the insure the wind is at our backs and the sails in the right direction.

This interaction ensures success long term with our teams.
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life cycle

We use milestones to watch the story unfold. Once the program or app is in the hands of our client we know it will require work to keep it on track and relevant. We have worked in development for more than 35 years. Product life cycle and seeking the highest possible performance along the way is our work product.
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Why Choose Us ?

What do we speak?

We are a team of like-minded people who do business, generate ideas and realize them in technology.


C#, C++, JavaScript, VB.NET, Python, T-SQL, AZURE, Java, Github

Google Android

Java, Kotlin, Lua, C#, C++, JavaScript, Python.

Apple IOS

Swift, Objective C, JavaScript+React Native


Solidity, Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, GoLang, GO, Kotlin, C#

Helping Companies Find and Engage Additional Revenue.

Our experience has taught us, that most companies have such intense focus that opportunities to leverage relationships or assets can go unexplored.  We want to solve that for our clients.